Please read this DISCLAIMER before further action in this blog .

This is malaysian and muslim blog .

This is a personal blog and everything written on this blog included pictures in this blog is based on own and personal thought.

This blog does not invoveld or have interest on 18x ewww wee things , Any of that eww thing will be banned forever Dunia and Akhirat .

The owner of this blog did not responsible for any comments that made in the comment sections. The owner is only responsible by his name as written by the sections.

This web blog does not store any file on its server. All movies, software, games , or form of files, pictures and any type of graphic forms that are posted on this blog are indexed from other sites and they are just for personal purpose only.

Any pictures, videos and graphic forms, are not copyrighted as the date taken from the search engines. As if its copyrighted, all credit goes to the owner and I did not own the copyrights. All of the graphic forms are linked with the original source. All of those pictures, videos and graphic forms are not for any commercial use, I gain nothing for those forms of files.

This blog does not allowed any of israel Laknatullah to visit ,follow or open any of post in this blog.

This blog is brought to you by afiq iltizam .

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